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My underground house

In the first ever "let's build" We all started off building our own houses. You guys already know about the other houses so lets have a look at mine. I originally started off with a diamond house but after a while I thought that the house just didn't fit in with the rest of the city. So when nobody else was on I completely destroyed my house and rebuilt it. It's basically just a big hole underground with a: fireplace, fridge, sofa, bedroom etc. It is just a normal basic house, there are some pictures below.

Dark_Aidan out :)

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My Pixel Home

First major build. We selected a good location for the city, having first wasted a load of time exploring in a direction which was all water. Fun!

We all logged in for our first "Let's Play" which was basically building our houses. Here are some pictures showing my house in detail. It includes a secret passageway to my enchanting room and another secret way out of my house to the woods (this was used in a later Let's Play). Some of the lights also operate on a switch, which I always keep on to stop the monsters spawning inside. That was well worth putting in huh. :D

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  • My House
  • My House from above
  • The Staircase and bookshelves
  • Living and Crafting Area
  • Sofa in front of Fire Place
  • Upstairs, my bed
  • Secret Button on Wall
  • Button activates entrance to secret escape route
  • Passageway to enchanting room
  • Enchanting room
  • Nice big windows
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So the first thing I did when I entered our world was to build a shelter. So at our spawn point I built Genesis Hut for us to start at. Basic hut, just trying out a few design tips from NerdCubed to make it more than a box. I also made a few other additions which included a notice wall, which was replaced with Achievement Hall when we built the city and a lava tower so we could find our way back easier.

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  • Front of Genesis Hut
  • Genesis Hut from Above
  • Genesis Hut Inside 1
  • Genesis Hut Inside 2
  • Genesis Hut Ladder to Downstairs
  • Genesis Hut Downstairs- Personal Storage Room
  • Lava Tower from below
  • Top of Lava Tower
  • Original Notice Wall
  • Bad News Tree
  • Bullseye
  • Bullseye Board
  • Bullseye Board popped out to remove arrows