Central Station

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What's a city without a train station. We needed a quick way to get to our games anyway. The station comes with 4 overground lines and 2 underground. To date, there is only one line which doesn't go anywhere yet. There is a villager working at the ticket desk, and another in the back office (there was 2, but one escaped and decided to make himselve at home in my house, so I fired him). There are also 3 ticket machines.

The ticket machines are basically dispensers with a button and filled with minecarts. Works quite well I think.

Pictures are from when we first built the city. So there have been some changes to bits.

  • Central Station in our Minecraft City
  • Central Station Office
  • Central Station Entrance
  • Central Station Ticket Desk
  • Villager looks happy with his job
  • Minecraft Ticket Machines
  • Minecraft Ticket Machines Dispensing Minecart
  • Central Station Underground Entrance
  • Central Station Underground Platform
  • Central Station Underground Track
  • Central Station Overground platforms
  • Central Station Overground platforms 2
  • Central Station Overground tracks
  • Minecraft train track bridge